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We know that succeeding in this business involves more than just getting a buyer and seller to sign a contract. The success that our company has achieved has resulted from our ability to adapt and customize services to meet each client's individual needs and earn their trust. We plan on building on our past success in the challenging times ahead by continuing to provide a full range of hospitality brokerage services, combining a high degree of personal service with the latest technological tools available to meet our client's goals. Above all, we know that long term success depends on our fulfilling our pledge of honesty and integrity in every client relationship and in all of our dealings.


Principals of Maxim Hotel Brokerage have over 70 years of collective experience in hotel brokerage, working with all types of buyers and sellers. They have completed over 250 transactions of every type of hospitality property, ranging from highway motels to hotel sites to full service hotels to large Las Vegas Casinos. Since its founding in 2002, Maxim has completed transactions nationwide, and specializes in the western United States with an emphasis on California, Arizona, Utah and in Nevada (all gaming markets including Las Vegas). The company has built a solid foundation of clients of both buyers and sellers, ranging from local entrepreneurs to some of the most active institutions in the U.S and abroad.


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The tone set at the recent Americas Lodging Investment Summit Conference (ALIS), held in late January, was one of uncertainty with no real consensus on the outlook for the hospitality industry. Some were cautious, others optimistic, but the uncertainty has not caused principals to change their investment plans or sit on the sidelines. There was a notable lack of quality existing hotel properties available for sale, causing many to wonder what owners are waiting for in order to sell. Based on the number of announced development projects and franchisor pipeline reports, we have clearly entered into a development cycle that is not being held back by the uncertainty.

Capital is still available across most of the typical sectors. Private equity remains brisk, while REITs are showing signs of investment again, after almost a year of relative inactivity. Some overseas investment groups remain very active, while some overseas (Chinese) private groups have halted activity due to inability to move capital out of China.

Despite the uncertainty and occasional road bumps, we are looking forward to a brisk year for transaction activity in 2017.

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